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What is Google Shopping Feed?

A spreadsheet that describes your product, organizes it in a specific way that it helps getting crawled in Google. When it comes to shopping campaigns, it works in a different way than any other standard search campaigns. Generally shopping campaigns work indifferent ways but when it comes to search advertisers they use bid keywords. This results in determining queries and triggers the text ads.

A shopping advertiser can be broadly described into two different categories, i.e. the one who sell few or handful of products and the other selling in thousands. While it is easy to manually create a feed for the one having a business model similar to the former, it is advisable to create an app or a service which can crawl all the information from the website and generate their feed automatically in a Google-friendly manner.

Advantages of using SysByt for Shopping Ads

  • There is a chance of getting connected to Google Merchant Centrethrough feed or API.
  • Through the excellent feature of integrated categorization, you can get your products categorised super-fast.
  • Sync your product catalogue with Google.
  • To meet all your mandatory requirements, apply built-in quality control.
  • Get everything settled up properly with free technical support.

Why Choose SysByt for Creating your Feed?

If you have SysByt at your side, you can easily create a fantastic shopping feed for Google in just few minutes. SysByt, automatically updates your feed as per the changes in your stock. You can also get connected to Google Analytics or various tracking platforms when you are tied up with SysByt. In this way you are eligible to track the performance of your product. With the help of this tracking, you will find the places you need to optimise and improve in your feed. Even though, there are some offers available on Google shopping feed app,but the processes you can perform are not much powerful than that of SysByt.

What are The Benefits of Shopping Ads?

Although there are enormous advantages which you can achieve from shopping ads, but to be very precise, here is a list that you can check:

  • Additional Traffic – As you all know, Google is the most popular website in the world with the leading and incredibly highest traffic. So it is the best opportunity to feed for google shopping app. Due to the immense popularity, your product will experience a significant increase in your CTR (click through rates).
  • Improvised Lead Quality – To increase the quality of your leads, you can get your product listed on Google. With the help of this you can help all the shoppers to analyse the product and take decision before clicking on the right advertisements.
  • Managing Campaigns of Retail-Centric Products – While listing your products, you are liable to display all the traits of your products which will appear in the relevant searches apart from using keywords. As a result, there is no need to focus on selection of keywords; just provide agoogle shopping xml feed.
  • Wider Existence – Your product feed is not at all limited only for showing up once and for all. If the search matches, there will be multiple ads generated that can be displayed simultaneously. Therefore, the visibility of your product increases.

Therefore without giving a second thought, if you are looking forfeed shopping management, opt for SysByt.